Sunday, June 20, 2010


Adwords Editor is a free, downloadable Google application for managing your Google Adwords account. When you have a large number of Adwords campaigns, ad groups, ads and/or keywords, use Google Adwords Editor to download your account, update your campaigns, ad groups, ads and/or keywords, and then upload your changes to your Adwords account.
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Why Adwords Editor ?

The major benefits for using Adwords Editor over Google Adwords account interface include:

* Making changes through Adwords Editor is done offline, you can then upload the changes to your Google Adwords account at any time
* Large scale changes can be made quicker through Adwords Editor than through Google Adwords account interface
* Store and navigate multiple Google Adwords accounts, and perform advanced searches and edits
* Copy or move items between your ad groups, campaigns, and Adwords accounts
* Export a copy of your Adwords account for archiving or sharing, and/or import an archive or share file of your Adwords account

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