Thursday, August 19, 2010


If you want to become an AdWords editor or even an AdSense publisher or you are already one or both, you should see it by yourself, so you should take a look at other websites, so you can see what ads do on sites or blogs. Here is a good exemple, you can see this page where you can choose a restaurant in Quebec City. As you will see, the publicity change, each time you will go there you will notice some changing. It is because, if someone is searching for these words, he or she will encounter a lot of sites with these keywords. In an other article, I will give you much more information about it, and what to do in such case.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Many people say they do not look the AdWords ads that Google's AdSense become when doing research on this search engine, and yes they do. You think maybe you even watched you do not, then others must do the same, so why spend the money to place ads that are not watched. First, you do not pay, if people do not click, and more people are less, but see the products or services you offer, even if they do not click.

The evidence is easy to do, Google has records that you can find on the Internet. In fact, people click from 1% to 5% more or less. It speaks in terms of access, not individual, a person may want to click once and two hours later it looks the same on the Web, but it clicks pas.Donc, the rate means is that in a 5 times out of 100 more or less, people are clicking, so they will see your ads in more detail, it is very good.
Also, think about it, do you know a lot of products that do not work and who are still on the market, it is virtually impossible, or the price of these things drop. The Editors of AdWords ads that are becoming AdSense for publishers working well, very well.

If you are unsure whether your work AdWord Editor will be worth it, know that AdSense receive huge numbers of clicks compared to banner ads, banners clickable seem less than AdSense. Many people if not the majority believes that the banners give final information as said that Google's AdSense offers a beginning of information so to have all the information they contain to be clicked above. So if you have lots of information to offer to potential clients, you're better with the concept. of Google Adwords.

Are the ads still appear in the same order on the search page of Google or the website?
Well, the answer is no. The ads appear based on criteria that are constantly changing, it is very difficult to know what makes the ads are placed a day in a particular order and the other day in a different order. Moreover, if one day the AdSense all about auto insurance, it may very well not even that, another day, but only a few hours later, there is a listing in the results of self short or even a hotel, so it's very difficult to predict or your ad will be exactly exactly. It is quite certain that the higher your ad is, the more chance it has received the famous click, and if it is in the column before the results of research, wow, that's fine. By cons, your ad must be linked as possible to what is searched on Google, whether we speak of an advertisement on this search engine, if a website is somewhat different. You can read our article on AdWords ads that AdSense become, in regard to tips for attracting famous clicks.

Are you clicked on the ads appearing on Google or on sites and / or blogs, yes or no? You have probably already done. However, never click on ads on your site, if applicable, or on your AdWords is very wrong, for all the world, then no, you can soon read a whole article on this said subject.

You can be certain that with Google AdWords AdSense, you increase your visibility, it is a valuable asset for any kind of business. So to help you you should use AdWords Editor is an excellent tool, which allows editors faculiter this work. Thank you and see you soon :-)


Advertisements in several languages, how is this possible? Yes, if you're an AdWords Editor, you can put ads in several languages, but how, then, choosing the same keywords or different keywords in another language you want, you can even select multiple. What I do not speak Spanish, for example, well what did you use the Google translation service. You can now have access to thousands and thousands of potential customers more, wow.